Put your best foot forward with your next job application or online content publication.

Your job application in English

Have your CV and cover letter translated from German to English or have the English version polished before you submit it. A well-written application is the ideal way to show your prospective employer that you are a quality candidate.

Your online profile in English

Do you regularly publish online about your work or other topics that you’re passionate about? Do you want to leave a lasting impression with content that is persuasive, clear, and correct? Then contact me about German to English translation or English copy-editing for your next blog post or article.

Request a cost and time estimate

To determine a cost and time estimate for your project, I’ll need a few things from you.

  • Some text. If your text for editing or translation is not yet complete, no problem. A sample of the work or a draft version is sufficient. Please include an estimate of the final length.
  • A timeline. When is your deadline?
  • Any requirements. Should the final product meet any length, style, formatting or other requirements?

If you’d like to request an estimate, or if you just have a general query, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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