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German to English translation

For your business, organisation, or institution’s website, social media posts, brochures, press releases, newsletters, emails and letters, proposals, pitch decks and presentations, written agreements, curricula or other educational material.

For your academic article or presentation in the humanities or social sciences.

For your personal needs, including cover letters and CVs or articles and blog posts that boost your online profile.

English copy-editing and proofreading

For effective and polished communication or marketing materials, I offer English copy-editing services for your business, organisation, or institution.

For collaborative editing of your Master’s or PhD thesis, academic article, or presentation in any field. Make sure your research shines in English with copy-editing for academics.

For your personal needs, there’s English copy-editing for individuals, including for cover letters and CVs or articles and blog posts that boost your online profile.

Additional formatting and design services

Combine the language services above with any necessary document formatting, layout, or desktop publishing services. For academics, citation checking can also be added to translation or editing services.

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