That moment when…

… a silly question interrupts your work.
Comma or semi-colon? “A” or “the”?
Why won’t this sentence look right?
How can I get this text to sound good?
Will my audience react?

Try English coaching for writing and presentations!

Find answers to your questions and the reasons behind them. Together we tackle your real-world tasks – emails, reports, papers, presentations – training your English communication skills based on your individual needs and difficulties.

Kind words

Ingrid is personable, professional, and detail oriented.Carien Taute,
Buzz Projects and Coaching
Her professionalism and honesty impressed me the first time I contacted her.Antonina Levatino, PhD,
INED Institute for Demographic Studies

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About me

The services on offer here draw on all of my qualifications and experiences. My multi-disciplinary perspective is informed by a Bachelor’s degree in visual communication design, living abroad and learning foreign languages, teaching English as a foreign language, editing and writing, a master’s degree in semiotics, and always being on the lookout for messages that succeed or fail.